Please tick the boxes below to confirm that you have read and understand the membership terms & conditions regarding the joining fee, enhancement fee, cancellation process, freeze policy, Check In policy and gym etiquette (please note not all of these are applicable with certain membership and/or promotions.

Joining Fee – Everyone pays a joining fee of £19.95

Club Enhancement Fee – Once a year in October, everyone pays a club enhancement fee of £17. Your direct debit will increase for this one month and then revert to you normal monthly fee. This is invested yearly into club improvements. Members who pay in full will not pay the enhancement fee.

What if I want to cancel my membership? – All cancellations are to be submitted online via our cancellations page. Verbal cancellation requests will not be accepted. We operate a 30 day cancellation policy. Depending on your on your billing date, one more payment will be debited from your account and you can use the gym up until the end of the month. Please note: If you cancel your direct debit you will be contacted for the outstanding amount.

Membership freeze – You can freeze your membership for up to 3 months. This will save you having to pay another joining fee if you leave and rejoin and you will retain any member referral discounts you may have earned. Please Note : We require at least two weeks notice before your billing date otherwise you will still be charged for the current month. Your membership will automatically resume after you freeze duration. It is your responsibility to contact us if you wish to extend your freeze.

Check In Policy – All members are required to check in at reception each time they visit the gym. This can be done by either downloading the FREE FitSense App or by purchasing a keyring fob for £1.

Gym Etiquette – We ask that all members unload all machines after use, ensure no weight plates are left on the floor by machines and re rack or return all dumbbells and other related equipment to its designated storage area.

Terms & Conditions – Please tick to confirm you have read and understood.

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